Thursday, 18 September 2014

Awesome autumn

Next Tuesday is the autumn equinox, which means it is officially autumn, 
my favourite season! 

I've written about my love of autumn before, but today I want to share with you my

1. The trees look pretty, covered in copper, red and yellow leaves...

2. ...and when they drop, it's fun to hear the leaves crunch underfoot and to jump in piles of raked leaves!

3. Autumn has its own smell, it's like cold, smoke and fallen leaves rolled into one; it's hard to describe but I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. I love smelling that smell for the first time each year!

4. Whether it's hot chocolate, a pumpkin spiced latte or warm apple cider, autumn is the season for delicious hot drinks...

5. ...and hot food; after month's of salads, I love getting re-acquainted with soup, chilli, stew, baked spuds and dessert pies.

6. Talking of dessert pies, my absolute favourite sweet pie is apple and autumn is a great season for apples. This year we've been lucky enough to be given some home-grown apples from my brother and they're delicious. Autumn wouldn't be complete without apple pie and toffee apples on Bonfire Night!

7. As the nights begin to draw in, it's my favourite thing to close the curtains, get into my pjs and to light some candles and turn on the fairylights and just get all cosy for the evening; it's even better if it's howling and raining outside. 

8. The autumn months can be beautiful weather-wise; autumn wind isn't cold or biting like it is in winter, nor is it warm like summer, it's crisp and unique - even the breeze in spring isn't like the breeze in autumn...

9. ...and autumn can treat us to some truly spectacular sights; some days there is a magical hour when everything is bathed in a golden light and some mornings you wake to mist and fog that transports you to many-a fictional world, like Wuthering Heights' moors, or Sherlock Holmes' London (even if you're not in London or Yorkshire).

10. Finally, who can beat getting dressed in a morning, layering up with your favourite tights, skirt, vest top, jumper, boots, jacket, scarf and hat, before stepping outside in that cool crisp air that you only get in autumn.

These past two summers, I've discovered that I actually hate hot weather (not to mention that the doctor has officially diagnosed me with an intolerance to the sun); my dream would be to live somewhere with a constant state of autumnal weather - how amazing does that sound?!

Happy Friday-eve, blogland!
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