Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tom's fan-essentials for football season

I know how much you all enjoy hearing from Hubby, so after yesterday's post I decided to get him
to give you his top 10 essential items for making the most of footie season as a fan...

1 | Clear your diary of any appointments (including birthday celebrations #priorities) at weekends (yes, every one) between August and May.

2 | Show your support and invest in your chosen team’s shirt.

3 | Know the players in your team, and most importantly, players in opposing teams, aka your rivals! Click here for all the info you need (a squad for match day is 18 players: 11 players on the field and seven subs, although only three can be used).

4 | Watching football, like most things, is best enjoyed with a cold beer!

5 | Keep your eye on the league table (it’s three points for a win, one for a draw and nothing for a loss) but don’t get too worried about your team’s position until Christmas time.

6 | Sometimes teams won’t play at the weekend due to international duty, so that’s when you grit your teeth and support England, so buy an England shirt.

7 | There are two transfer windows per season (summer: open 1st June until 1st September and winter: 1st January until 31st January), so, as this is the only time your team can buy new players make sure you 'book' the TV with your wife for the final day of both transfer windows, so you can see the last minute transfers – an exciting evening is all but guaranteed! #trustme

8 | Heavy defeats will happen, so it’s essential to find a way to cope; I like to set up the match on FIFA (PS3) to get my own back!

9 | Try to remember, it’s just a game; this is almost impossible to do!

10 | Enjoy the next nine months; it’s going to be full of fun, excitement and absolute body-crushing agony!
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