Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Surviving the football season

Happy Hump Day, peeps!
Over the last couple of days, you've heard from Hubby about the English footie season and some essentials
you need to get through the next nine months as a fan. Well, today, I'm going to share with you five ways 
to avoid becoming a football widow and make it through the next nine months still hopelessly in love 
with your better other half...

1 | Don't fight him - you know he loves football and he knows you know, so don't try to make him miss out by finding other things for him to do at weekends. If you have a major project on, or something you need his help with, work with him; ask him if he could help you Saturday morning (most matches don't start before 1pm) or Sunday morning (there are fewer matches on Sundays, so you might be lucky and get him all day on Sunday if you ask nicely or reward him with beer and a footie-filled weekend the following weekend!). He'll love you all the more because you're not trying to make him miss the thing he loves most, after you of course! Do NOT try to hide the TV remote either; it'll only make him resent you in the long run and you'll both end up frustrated.
2 | Keep yourself busy - if there's a can't-miss match on and your hubby insists on watching every second, why not meet up with some fellow football widows and go out to lunch, go shopping, make plans with your mum, finally get around to that Pinterest craft project you've been meaning to do; do whatever makes you feel good! He's having his fun, so you have yours.

3 | Get in to the spirit - we all know our men love to see us in lingerie but do you know what they love just as much: yep, seeing us in their team's shirt! No, I don't understand it either, but I can assure you, it's true! So, put on a spare shirt, grab a few drinks and snacks, and get into the spirit; sit down and watch a game with him. Try not to ask too many questions, but feel free to ask a few; he'll be happy that you're taking an interest in something he loves. And, who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying it!

4 | Talk to him - if you genuinely feel invisible and upset at your man's lack of attention, sit down with him and be honest. We all know the secret to a happy and long-lasting marriage is communication, so tell him how you feel and see if you can reach a compromise. Why not suggest that he can watch his team whenever they play (each team only plays once each weekend) and in return he'll spend the other day of the weekend doing something fun with you.

5 | Keep smiling - it's amazing what a positive attitude can do. 
Good luck, ladies. 
Fingers crossed we make it through the next nine months without killing our husbands!
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  1. I like number 3, if you can't beat 'em, join them :)