Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Weekend

Happy MonTuesday, peeps!
It feels like a Monday today, because us Brits have just enjoyed a three-day weekend, 
thanks to the last Bank Holiday before Christmas. So as my weekend has only just finished, 
here's a bunch of photos I took over the past three days... #lazyblogger

Friday night's dinner
Saturday night's dinner (after pricing up car boot stuff all day)
Saturday night's alright entertainment :)
7am Sunday morning
Car booting #delboy
Sunday: Jensen Ackles officially joins Twitter and makes fangirls all over the world extremely happy.
Monday morning lay in :)
Monday afternoon walk, in the rain
Post-walk warm-up snack
All in all we had a lovely, chilled weekend; we made a little bit of money at the car boot and got rid of a ton of crap 
and made a plan of action for sorting our house out, ready to put it on the market next spring :)
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