Friday, 29 August 2014

High Five for Friday

Man, I'm so glad it's finally Friday.
Although it was only a four-day working week thanks to Monday's Bank Holiday, I'm cream-crackered!
I need a lay in tomorrow morning! Hubs and I have lots of errands and general tidying planned 
for this weekend so fingers crossed it's a productive one! Anyway, on with business...

1 | I guess the best thing to happen this week was having a long weekend, which you can see photos from here.

2 | I've had some pretty delicious lunches this week, including this cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel:

3 | Work has been slightly busier this week, which is great because I hate being bored.

4 | Last night after work, Hubs and I did a spot of shopping and whilst I only actually bought a magazine and loaf of bread (#rocknroll) I did spy a few pretty things:
I'm going back this weekend to buy that notebook - how cute is it?!

5 | The temperatures around these parts have begun to fall to those associated with autumn, so that means lots of hot chocolate, cosy blankets and knitted jumpers :) I love autumn!

As you can tell, my weeks' been pretty quiet and uneventful!
Have a good weekend, blogland!
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PS - I can't actually believe that it's SEPTEMBER on Monday; where is the year going?! 


  1. We have a long weekend this weekend coming up and I was just wondering (thinking about googling) if Labor Day only applies to the US. I'm thinking so, and I'm guessing that's a stupid question! Anyways, glad you weren't bored at work. That notebook is really cute. It's definitely a skill to resist buying pretty things when you see them. Have a great weekend Laura!

  2. That purse is super cute!