Friday, 29 August 2014

High Five for Friday

Man, I'm so glad it's finally Friday.
Although it was only a four-day working week thanks to Monday's Bank Holiday, I'm cream-crackered!
I need a lay in tomorrow morning! Hubs and I have lots of errands and general tidying planned 
for this weekend so fingers crossed it's a productive one! Anyway, on with business...

1 | I guess the best thing to happen this week was having a long weekend, which you can see photos from here.

2 | I've had some pretty delicious lunches this week, including this cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel:

3 | Work has been slightly busier this week, which is great because I hate being bored.

4 | Last night after work, Hubs and I did a spot of shopping and whilst I only actually bought a magazine and loaf of bread (#rocknroll) I did spy a few pretty things:
I'm going back this weekend to buy that notebook - how cute is it?!

5 | The temperatures around these parts have begun to fall to those associated with autumn, so that means lots of hot chocolate, cosy blankets and knitted jumpers :) I love autumn!

As you can tell, my weeks' been pretty quiet and uneventful!
Have a good weekend, blogland!
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PS - I can't actually believe that it's SEPTEMBER on Monday; where is the year going?! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

#blog2blogBC: The Silver Linings Play Book

It's that time of the month again peeps; 
it's Blogger 2 Blogger Book Club time.

I'm posting my review of The Silver Linings Play Book by Matthew Quick a day early, but Kelly and Morgan from The Truelife of KMK will be linking up tomorrow, so make sure you check out their reviews too. You can also pick your own questions to answer here.

Goodreads description:
"Meet Pat. Pat has a theory: his life is a movie produced by God. And his God-given mission is to become physically fit and emotionally literate, whereupon God will ensure a happy ending for him -- the return of his estranged wife Nikki. (It might not come as a surprise to learn that Pat has spent time in a mental health facility.) The problem is, Pat's now home, and everything feels off. No one will talk to him about Nikki; his beloved Philadelphia Eagles keep losing; he's being pursued by the deeply odd Tiffany; his new therapist seems to recommend adultery as a form of therapy. Plus, he's being hunted by Kenny G!"

It was great to read something from a man's point-of-view (it would be a totally different book had it been written the easy way, aka from Tiffany's POV) and although I could see the 'twist' coming, it didn't leave me with the feeling of cliché. I cried at the end and I think it's down to the feeling of hope that the characters leave you with; their lives have been pretty bleak, yet, through it all, they've come out the other side, stronger and they've found one another; in my opinion, there's nothing more valuable in this world than finding a kindred spirit, someone who understands you totally! 

Discussion questions:
You might have to bear with me as I answer these questions because I actually read this book last year :)

How does the book redefine happy endings? What makes Pat so determined to believe that every cloud has a silver lining?

I think a lot of people, including the filmmakers, saw Pat and Tiffany's relationship as a romantic relationship and so the film's ended was altered to fit what most people would consider to be a 'happy ending' for a Rom-Com. However, I was much happier with the book's ending, because I don't believe romance is what Tiffany and Pat needed from one another. I think they just needed a friend, someone to understand them. They have enough people in their lives trying to control them and their depression, but the friendship Pat and Tiffany offer one another is pretty rare; it's unconditional, it's understanding. I think the ending is exactly what both characters need.

I think Pat is a positive person who has experienced (and witnessed) so much negativity that he needs to find happy endings in everything, including the books he reads. He needs to believe that he can have a 'happy ending' after tragedy - who wouldn't?!

How did your impressions of Nikki and Tiffany shift throughout the novel?

I knew that it was Tiffany writing the letters before it was revealed but I understood why she was doing it, although I did feel sorry for Pat when he found out. I think I initially felt sorry for Nikki but after finding out what Pat did, all sympathy left me; I'm not saying she and her shag-piece (his name escapes me, right now) deserved what happened to them, but they must have known that they'd be discovered and that the outcome wouldn't be good. 

I felt sorry for Tiffany; I can't imagine the pain she felt when her husband passed away and it made sense to me that she turned into a bit of a nymph afterwards; I'm not sure I would react the same way, but I'm not sure that I wouldn't react the same way, so I guess I kinda identified with Tiffany and the sadness she'd experienced. I was happy that Pat forgave her and that they were friends again by the end of the book.

Did Dance Away Depression have any healing effect on Pat? What did Tiffany want him to hear when she chose 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' as their song?

Totally! Dance Away Depression brought out the competitive side of Pat, a side which I believe all men have, and it gave him something to focus his energy on; it gave his life purpose. I think using 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' was Tiffany's way of letting Pat know he had a friend, that he could trust her.

Can't wait to read what everyone else thought of the book.
You can see the books on the Blogger 2 Blogger Book Club 2014 reading list here

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Arrivederci, August

Oh August, what a mixed bag you were; you gave us excitement then disappointment, warm 
temperatures, blue skies, buckets of rain and hopes for a dry and autumnal September...

Happy Hump Day, blogland!
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Weekend

Happy MonTuesday, peeps!
It feels like a Monday today, because us Brits have just enjoyed a three-day weekend, 
thanks to the last Bank Holiday before Christmas. So as my weekend has only just finished, 
here's a bunch of photos I took over the past three days... #lazyblogger

Friday night's dinner
Saturday night's dinner (after pricing up car boot stuff all day)
Saturday night's alright entertainment :)
7am Sunday morning
Car booting #delboy
Sunday: Jensen Ackles officially joins Twitter and makes fangirls all over the world extremely happy.
Monday morning lay in :)
Monday afternoon walk, in the rain
Post-walk warm-up snack
All in all we had a lovely, chilled weekend; we made a little bit of money at the car boot and got rid of a ton of crap 
and made a plan of action for sorting our house out, ready to put it on the market next spring :)
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Friday, 22 August 2014

High Five for Friday

How is it Friday already, blogland?!
This week has gone so fast, despite it being another quiet week at work. 
I have to say, I am looking forward to this three-day weekend!

1 | A couple of weeks ago, Ript Apparel were offering three different Green Arrow related t-shirts for just $8; not one to ever pass up a bargain, I ordered one for me and one for Hubby, cuz I'm a good wife like that, and I'm happy to report that we love them :)

2 | As this weekend is a three-day weekend here in good ol' Blighty, Hubs and I are doing a car boot sale to get rid of some of the stuff we've accumulated over the last seven years living together, so right now my living room is a hot mess but I'm hoping that by Sunday afternoon, we'll have a clean room again, a little less clutter in our home and a little extra cash in our pockets! #wishusluck

3 | I'm looking forward to finally watching this on Saturday night...

4 | I'm not impressed with the weather this week - I've worn my winter coat three days out of five and I can't remember the last time I wore flip-flops - come on, Mother Nature; what are you playing at? It's August!

5 | I'm loving all the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos doing the rounds, but this has to be my favourite...

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png
Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Who wants $100??

Happy Hump Day, Blogland. 
I'm bringing you something awesome today. My blogging bestie, Kelly, is turning 27 on Sunday and 
to celebrate, she, I and a few other awesome bloggers have teamed up to bring you guys a cash giveaway
in honour of Kelly's big day!

This giveaway goes through Monday night with a winner being announced next week!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

How awesome, right?! Who doesn't wanna win $100?!
Head over to Kelly's blog now and enter :)
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Today, I'm linking up with Sarah over at Venus trapped in Mars 
and Helene at Helene in Between to share a few of 
my guilty pleasures with you...
Venus Trapped in Mars
I just hope you don't think any less of me after these confessions...

1. Cheesy Music - be it Taylor Swift, Ace of Base or the latest boy band to hit the scene, 
I am a total sucker for a cheesy pop song with a killer melody!

2. Wearing pyjamas all day - why are PJs so much more comfortable than regular clothes and 
why is it so socially unexceptionable to wear PJs instead of regular clothes out in public??

3. Singing loudly and badly to the radio - whether I'm cooking in the kitchen, driving in the car or washing my hair in the shower, I'm a sucker for a great song (see guilty pleasure numbero uno), especially one I can sing my heart out to! But, just so we're clear, you'll never EVER get me to do karaoke! #tonedeaf

4. Checking social media on the loo - I'm pretty sure I am not the only person who uses their toilet time as the perfect chance to check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest, especially since all our favourite social media sites have their own smartphone apps.

5. Instagramming my food - I know it's annoying and I know it makes me look like a wannabe-hipster but I cannot stop! I love looking at other people's food and so I love to share my own, even if it mostly tastes better than it looks!

6. Nicholas Sparks movies - although I've never read one of his books, I have watched all but one of the movies made from them and I'm a total sucker for a love story with a happy ending! For me, nothing will ever, ever top Allie and Noah's love, but I love that Nicholas Sparks keeps trying!

7. Watching Disney movies when I'm ill - Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid... I don't care, just give me a duvet, some Angel Delight and a Disney film and I'm on the road to being healthy before you can say 'Walt Disney was a racist made awesome films'!

8. Swearing - I know that it's not big and it's not clever, but man I love throwing in a fuck or two throughout the day! #realadult

9. Keeping up with the Kardashians - please, don't judge me. It's car-crash TV and I love every second!

10. eCards - surely this needs no explanation...

And on that note... happy Tuesday, peeps!

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Parts of this post were originally blogged here on Thursday October 10th 2013.

Monday, 18 August 2014

August's Love List

This month, I'm loving...

My new blog buttons
I know it's only been a few days, but I'm still so in love with my blog buttons, and my new blog 
design/name! If you like reading my blog, feel free to grab one from the right-hand side :)

Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straighteners
Two weeks ago, my hair straighteners broke, after almost seven years (I defo got my monies worth) so 
I had to invest in some new ones. After much research and consulting my hairdresser cousin, I chose these,
and I'm so glad I did. For just £35 they're much better than the ones I had and are perfect for my hair.

Olay Skin Care
Now that I'm approaching the big 3-0, I'm finding that I need to spend a bit more on moisturiser than 
I used to and this stuff is amazing. I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel :)

Having hubby back
Hubby was away on Scout camp all last week and I'm thrilled to have him home :)

Zac Efron
This is something I never thought I'd say but I have a new crush on Zac Efron. I've watched two 
of his films lately (The Lucky One and That Awkward Moment) and I have to say that that boy
is turning into a real hottie! #hotdamn

Happy Monday, peeps!
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