Monday, 7 July 2014

Things I love & things I hate, about July

It's July, which means we're officially into the latter part of 2014; 
the festive season is just five months away!! #cray

Since the start of the year I've been sharing with you a few of the things I love and a few of the things 
I hate about the different months of the year and now that we're into July, I thought I'd combine 
my love/hate posts into one bite-sized portion; so here it goes...
The weather: notoriously unpredictable, the British weather in July can often be hit and miss but more often than not, the days are warm and dry meaning there's plenty of opportunities to get out and about... 
until the inevitable downpour strikes!

Two weeks off work: as I work as part of a small team on a weekly magazine, it's much easier 
if everyone has the same holidays, so the office closes for two weeks, usually at the start of July - who doesn't love paid time off work?!

Suntans: although I like to be safe in the sun, I think most people, myself included, look better with a little colour, although I cannot stand fake tan or those people who turn themselves orange on a sun bed!

Prickly heat: I am one of those unfortunate people who suffers from prickly heat and I can assure you it is the worst! I don't suffer too badly when only holidaying here in Britain (although my first attack happened when holidaying in Weymouth, of all places), but as soon as I step on a plane and head somewhere hot, it hits, with vengeance! Just before heading off to my honeymoon in 2010, I consulted my doctor and he shared a little-known miracle cure with me and I'm about to share it with you: Cetirzine Hydrochloride :) It's amazing. It comes in pill form and you take it like you would any other anti-allergy medicine but this stuff actually works, unlike Piriton! I started taking Cetirzine Hydrochloride in Christmas Eve 2010 and had none of the pain that comes with prickly heat throughout our entire honeymoon of three weeks to Australia. I'll be popping those pills again this year to ensure the pain doesn't strike again when sunning myself in Barcelona :) 
What are you favourite/least-favourite things about July?
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