Monday, 14 July 2014

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Happy Monday, blogland!
I've got another guest post for you today and it's from a fellow-Brit, a 16-year-old blogger called Becca who, like me, is a big fan of nail polish/nail art! Becca posts some of the best photos of nail polish/art I have ever seen; seriously this girl's stuff should be all over Pinterest! Today, she's gonna give you some great ideas for getting out of the house this summer to make the most of the unpredictable great British weather...

Hello everyone! I'm Becca from, and it's lovely to be featured 
on Laura's blog while she's away!

You know when you just get bored of sitting around at home, but you don't know where to go? I especially get this feeling in revision/exam season, and I'm going to show you my favourite places to go to combat the feeling!

A Cafe: 

I live in a relatively small town in England called Wokingham, and this cafe in the town centre is great! My friend and I went there every Friday during exam season to revise - the hot chocolate is wonderful c:

However, if you want somewhere cheaper and/or quieter...

The park:
Outdoors! Fresh air! Sun! (Hah, it's England. Who am I kidding?)

Photo credit: Ella Campion

The park is great. You can sunbathe (I clearly don't, but you could), you can swing, you can go round and round and round on the roundabout, you can climb the climby things... you can just sit on a bench and think for a bit. Personally, I spend an age on the swings, swingin' and thinkin' and swingin' and thinkin' :)

In the same vein as the park, but with less moving chunks of metal, there's...

A Random Field Somewhere:

This one includes a tree!

Photo credit: Ella Campion

Now, up a tree is not necessarily the best place to go in a dress and flimsy flat shoes. That did not stop me.

This is where my friends and I have made a little tradition over the last few years - on the last day of school, after we finish, we go round to the corner shop and buy food with whatever money we have, then we sit here and eat/drink it. It's not actually that far from the busy roads, but it's nice and peaceful :) And that horizontal branch is great for sitting on, like an all-natural, ever-so-slightly wobbly, difficult to get on to bench.

 Out of the three, I think I prefer the park. All of these are great places to go alone, but despite talking about swingin' and thinkin' and peaceful places... I like company. The park is the one I find best when I'm alone,
but all three, I find, are better enjoyed together :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and perhaps got a little bit of inspiration from it? c: 
Again, thank you to Laura for hosting me!

I can be found on my blog or on my new Twitter account if you want to get in touch :) 
Where do you like to go to get out of the house?


Thanks Becca! 
Head over to her blog now and check it out!

I'll be back in the country tomorrow, 
so should be back to my usual blogging schedule on Wednesday :)
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