Friday, 4 July 2014

High Five for Friday, the holiday edition

Happy Friday, peeps!
I'm loving the fact that it's Friday! I've had a busy week (at work 
and in my personal life) but it's ok, because...

1. When I finish work today, that's it for two weeks! My office shuts down for two whole weeks, so Hubs has booked the time off too so we can have a few adventures together :)

2. Last weekend's babysitting of our four-year-old nephew went great. One night turned into two, but he was no trouble (especially as he played at four different parks over two days!), but man I was fed up of answering question after question; I guess he's just got an enquiring mind, like his Auntie Laura ;)

3. I finally (after four years of saying I was going to) bought new Birkenstock flip flops this week and they're beautiful. I can't wait to wear them when wandering around Barcelona :)

4. Talking of buying new things, I treated myself to some new make-up and a new pair of shorts this week, ready for my holiday. Speaking of which...

5. This time next week I'll be in BARCELONA!!! I've got some great guest posts lined up for you all, as well as a closer look at my wedding day - I don't like to leave you un-entertained :)

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Have a great weekend :)
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  1. Swinging over from H54F! I'm not usually a Birkenstocks fan, but those are really cute! They will be perfect for your trip. Enjoy Spain!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. Thanks, Katie. They were perfect and Spain was amazing! x