Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I wasn't planning on posting today guys, but then #AskThicke happened 
and I just had to write what follows...

I'm not sure if you know but 
I'm sure many of you do too. 

I don't hate it because it was everywhere you went last year. 
I hate it because it's rude, misogynist and encourages glorifies rape.

I think everyone involved with this song, especially Thicke (he actually wrote this horror story), is beyond irresponsible, the video is horrific (it features three girls baring their breasts) and whispering 'you know you want it' (an actual phrase used by rapists/abusers - just take a look at Project Unbreakable) over and over again is despicable. I am still baffled as to how so many people thought it was a good song when all it does is objectify women and highlight the worrying attitude that some people have (thankfully, no-one I have ever been intimate with) between consent and sex - boys men if you're unsure if she wants to have sex with you, ask her, never assume, and never put pressure on her! Oh and if you think she's drunk, be a gentleman and don't do it; if she wants to have sex with you, she'll still want to do it when you've both sobered up a little!

*rant on consensual sex over*

Yesterday some genius at VH1 decided to encourage fans of R'n'Sleaze 'star' Robin Thicke to send their questions to him on Twitter, using the hashtag #AskThicke. I'm sure they couldn't have anticipated the response, but man it made me laugh (although I think it's safe to say someone was fired). 

In case you missed it, here are some of my favourite tweets...
Oh and don't be feeling sorry for the guy; his responses to some of these questions 
show what a great big bags of dicks he really is...

I'm sure Buzzfeed will come up with an article on the subject, if they haven't already, but in the meantime, 
do me, and your current mood, a favour and type #AskThicke into your Twitter search bar and enjoy
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