Friday, 6 June 2014

Word Vomit Friday... not so much

Happy Friday, peeps!
Seeing as I'm not actually at the computer today and am instead enjoying a day at the seaside with my darling mother, I've decided not to do a Word Vomit Friday post today, but instead am joining in with a scheduled High Five for Friday, hosted by the beautiful Lauren at Lauren Elizabeth...
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1. Last weekend, I got my head down and got our study sorted out, finally. You may remember that we spent the Easter weekend painting but we've been so busy since that we've not had the chance to put things back and kinda 'style' the room. Well, I made time last weekend and I'm pretty pleased...
Yes, eagled-eyed readers, there is still a bit of painting to be done on the left photo!
2. We are officially off to Barcelona this summer. Hubby and I booked our five-night break earlier this week and I cannot wait! I love Barcelona and I'm really looking forward to properly exploring the city, as we've only ever been before on day trips when staying elsewhere in Catalonia. 

3. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you totes should!) you may have seen that I've joined up with Click It Up A Notch and Shutter Bag for their #clickaday challenge: to take a photo every day in June, either with your camera or phone camera, in order to improve your photography skills. I dunno about improving my skills, but I've kept up with things so far...
4.  Like I said, I'm at the seaside today enjoying a mother/daughter day with my beautiful mum! What a great way to start the weekend and end her week off work :)

5. Once we arrive home after said seaside trip, we're joining my Hubby and my dad to get a takeaway and I can't wait. Hubby and I have been sticking to our new menu of fewer processed foods this past week but I'm already craving delicious badness :)

I hope you all have a great weekend ahead planned!
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  1. I have a few home projects I need to get to. It's nice seeing people accomplish things on their to do list, like you did with your study. You seem like you're pretty good and sticking with the things you set out to do. Have fun in Seaside with your mom and enjoy your weekend!