Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Today I'm linking up with Kelly and Cheltee for their Wife2Wife link up. 
"Blast from the Past!
Share your favourite detail from your wedding..."

I couldn't decide on just one detail from my wedding day so I'm sharing three that I still adore, 
almost four years later...

This was my 'something old' and my 'something borrowed' as this tiara actually belongs to my mum; 
she married my dad wearing it in May 1981 :)

Cake Toppers
If you know anything about Hubby from the snippets of info I share about him on here is that he LOVES
football, so when I saw this cake topper online I had to buy it. It's perfect. I had to paint the bride's 
hair brown so she looked more like me but (I think) she complements the groom really well :)

Memorial Vase
Placed next to the cake, this vase was something both Hubby and I wanted to do without really drawing too much attention to it; it was just for us and I'm so glad we did it. It was a heart-shaped vase with the names of my granddads and his grandma engraved, people who couldn't be with us in person to share our special day.

What are your favourite details from your wedding day?
Happy hump day :)
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  1. Such beautiful details! Thanks so much for linking up :-)

    1. Arrww thanks hun and no worries; I enjoyed doing this post... and it inspired a post for when I'm away in July so double YAY :) x

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  3. Huge Football/"Soccer" fans here and I absolutely love your cake topper.
    Thank you for Linking up with Kelly and I this month. Next months theme is pretty awesome so make sure to link up with us again. :)