Monday, 23 June 2014

The wise old owl: life lessons from Laura

It's not all about you.

Write drunk.

Edit sober.

Chocolate makes everything better... does a good cuppa with a close friend.

Speak up for the things you believe in - this poem illustrates why better than I ever could!

As pretty as they are, designer shoes and handbags will not make you happy, not in the long run.

Only you can make you happy; don't rely on anyone else.

Do not compare your life to the lives of others.

It's more than ok to be original/unique.

Don't worry what other people think of you; they're probably too wrapped up in themselves to give
you a second thought.

Don't be a troll...

...and don't engage with an internet troll - they're just looking for attention!

Don't trust people who are rude to waiters/waitresses.

Wear sunscreen.

Don't smoke.



Drink in moderation.

Don't diet; focus on your health and you'll never have to worry about your weight.

Dishes don't clean themselves... neither do clothes.


Don't knock other people's kids, especially if you don't have any of your own.

Learn from your failures, and they will never be real failures.

Beauty fades.

Worrying about something that might happen is a waste of energy.

People do things for their own reasons, not yours; don’t take it personally.


Live your own life.
Happy Monday :)
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  1. Aw that was lovely! How very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Latoyah! Gotta share the wisdom around ;)

  2. Love it, great advice. I haven't yet written a post drunk - might have to try that. Might be a bit difficult if I have to drink with moderation though ;-)

    1. hahahaha good point, Choclette :)

  3. Yes we do need to learn to be wise don't we.

    1. I think wisdom comes from experience and a little observation. Thanks, Sandra :)