Friday, 20 June 2014


Happy Friday, peeps!
This week has felt really long; I think because I've been so tired all week :( I've been heading to bed 
as the sun sets most nights this week and it's making me feel ancient! I'm so glad it's Friday and I'm looking
forward to a lay in tomorrow morning, before starting a deep clean of my house #itsgottabedone!

Today, I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth again for High Five for Friday
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1. I've been keeping up with the #clickaday challenge set by Click It Up A Notch and Shutter Bag and am actually finding it easier than when I did my own Photo A Day challenge in 2012 (the sole reason for starting this blog)
but I have noticed I really do like to take photos of food, especially food I've cooked! To see what I've been
up to, just follow me on Instagram (my account is private but I will accept your follow request)!

2. Talking of food, I made this delicious lasagne on Tuesday...
I found the recipe on Pinterest and simply substituted turkey mince for Quorn mince; even hubby enjoyed it! 
hash tag winning

3. On Sunday, my hairdresser cousin is coming over to my house to dye and cut my mop; I can't wait
to get some weight off it because it's so thick and heavy and with the higher temperatures we were enjoying
I'm finding myself hot more often than not, and I hate being hot!

4. I'm off out for a meal with work colleagues tonight so I don't have to cook! I'm going to order
something healthy and try not to have dessert though, because it's only 21 days until my holiday!!

5. I guess I can't talk about my week without talking about last night's footie (for those not in the know, Uruguay beat England 2-1, meaning we need a miracle to progress into the next round - for more World Cup 
info, read this). Hubby is deluded staying positive and will be cheering Italy on tonight! Here's a photo 
from last night of him honouring the team our Queen during the National Anthem...
hash tag cutie

Have a great weekend!
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