Thursday, 5 June 2014

I'm a fan...

My name is Laura and I'm a fanatic.
I'm fanatical about numerous things...
Backstreet Boys
Nail Polish
The list goes on.

I've always been passionate about different things throughout my life. On occasion this has 
caused other people to pass judgement on me, labelling me a nerd, a boff, a geek 
- words I don't take offence to - and even obsessed. 

I like to say that I'm passionate. 

We all need passion in our lives.

I actually feel sorry for those people who are either not passionate about anything specific 
or who feel they have to hide their passions for fear of being labelled an 'obsessed, crazy' fan. 

I could talk about certain subjects all day, namely Supernatural. I've been to two conventions, I have 
every season on DVD, I have books, posters and even t-shirts; it's safe to say that I am definitely a fan. 
I've never been embarrassed about the level of my passion, admiration and sheer love for this show and
everyone involved with producing it for nine months of the year (for almost the last decade I might add!)I have
 however, had other people attempt to make me feel silly, small and even crazy for how strongly 
and how deeply my feelings are for this show.

That's not on!

Everyone loves something different. 

My hubby loves football.
My mum loves Elvis.
My dad loves cars.
My brother loves music.

I would never knowingly make any of them, or anyone else I know, feel embarrassed or ashamed 
about their feelings for something they love.

What makes the human race so unique is that we each love different things, to differing degrees. Just 
because someone doesn't love TV shows and much as I do, doesn't mean I have the right to make 
them feel anything but positive about whatever it is they love. I should encourage their passion.

So, next time you hear a friend, family member or complete stranger discussing their love for Harry Potter, 
50 Shades of Grey, Breaking Bad, Les Miserable, One Direction or anything else they're clearly a fan of, 
do me (and them) a favour and just listen... don't ridicule


Happy Friday-eve, blogland!
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  1. Great post! I always like talking to fans, because they're so enthusiastic about their subject. It's fun to learn something new from a person who has a passion for their subject! :)

    1. Thanks, Lara. I'm so glad you see things that way, but I wish more people would :) I love talking to people who are passionate about something, whatever that thing is - passion is good! x