Monday, 9 June 2014

If my keyboard could talk...

it'd tell you:
  • I blog far too often at work
  • I can be a truly terrible speller
  • I make numerous typos every. single. day. And it's usually the same words (teh instead of the, out instead of our, form instead of from)
  • I love commas and colons, more than the average writer
  • I don't drink enough water throughout the day
  • Emailing my mum and pretending to work does not constitute actual work
  • I work best when accompanied by music
My home keyboard would add:
  • I watch too many US TV shows illegally
  • I work best around 10pm at night, when normal people are getting ready for bed!
  • Pinterest can lead you to some truly crazy places

What do you think your keyboard would say if it could talk?
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1 comment:

  1. this got me thinking what my computer would say if it could talk...probably something like "Go away! Give me a break! Brush your hair..." hah. I make some of those same typos you do too.