Friday, 9 May 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, everyone.
How's your week been? I've had a pretty good four-day working week, with not too much work to do,
considering we were a day short. I'm ending the week on a bad note though as I have a dentist appointment at 5pm tonight :(

I'll carry on with the sad theme and say that I am genuinely gutted that The Tomorrow People was cancelled by The CW yesterday :( Like I said on Twitter, at least this means that Robbie Amell is free to join his cousin Stephen in Arrow :) It was also totally predictable that the Supernatural spin off, Bloodlines, wouldn't get picked up after the back-door pilot aired as episode 20 of season 9 - it was terrible!

Staying with sad news, I'm pleased to see that more and more people are now aware of the girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria almost a month ago, but my question is why did it take so long for people to start putting pressure on the Nigerian government to do something?! I don't understand, and now it seems as if the majority of these girls have already been sold. I have to confess, I don't really know much about why there's fighting in Nigeria, but knowing that 200 sets of parents have no clue where their daughter is is beyond sad and my heart breaks for them. I hope they're found safe and well soon. #bringbackourgirls

On to happier things...

I have absolutely nothing planned for Saturday and Sunday this weekend and I can't wait to just relax with Hubby and maybe with a book. I'm currently reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth, the sequel to Divergent

This made me laugh, and then cry with despair for our younger generations!

Finally, this is 100% accurate!

Have a great weekend!
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