Friday, 2 May 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, blogland!
What a week it has been; I've been rushed off my feet at work this week, 
so much so that I had to take work home :( The magazine is almost done though, 
so I'm looking forward to a relaxing three-day weekend!

Starting on a sad note this week, Peaches Geldof's toxicology report was released and it turns out her death was drug-related! It's such a shame; addiction is such an evil and misunderstood disease :(

Bob Hoskins passed away, aged 71, this week :( I love Who Framed Roger Rabbit and although my mum hated it, I spent many a childhood afternoon watching Hook!

You might not know this but To Kill A Mockingbird is my favourite book of all time. 
Its author, Harper Lee, turned 88 this week! I still find it crazy to know that she only ever published one book; it's such a tragedy that the fame that came with writing such a fantastic book scared her and prevented her from publishing anything else she ever wrote. I do kinda understand though - how could you 
ever write anything that lives up to To Kill A Mockingbird?!

I'm sure no-one saw it but me, but this week it was announced that Nick Carter and Jordan Knight have teamed up to make an album and do an autumn US tour; from all the press surrounding the announcement, 
this was the best be still my teenage heart #goodjobBuzzfeed

Finally, I'm pretty proud, because this is my 600th published post :)

It seems that being overworked has drained every ounce of creativity I have, 
so that's all you get today! sorry

Have a great weekend!
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