Thursday, 1 May 2014

#1800MinuteChallenge Update II

Since my last #1800MinuteChallenge update (here), I've struggled and to pretend otherwise would be a lie. I just haven't prioritised this challenge in the way I should and that sucks :( but I guess the only person it really affects is me; I'm the one who will be feeling fat this summer whilst everyone else who has actually done over 800 minutes so far (I've done 686) will be feeling fit, strong and slim! From here on out, I promise to do better. 
Anyway, this is what I've done over the past two weeks...

My first visit to the gym in three weeks (following illness) and I stupidly decided to do a 'Boost Your Run' 
that I found on Pinterest!
To say I was knackered was an understatement!

Easter Sunday saw us (me and my mum) taking Izzy for a 60-minute walk :)
Thursday 24th is a day I feel I have to talk about even though I wish I never had to think about it ever again. I went to the gym after work and decided that this was going to be the day I got back on track with my mission to be running 30 minutes non-stop by Christmas. So, I programmed 30 minutes into the treadmill promising to run for the last 10 minutes, no matter what. Well, the fucking emergency stop button had other ideas and with approximately two-and-a-half minutes to go of my 10-minute run (I was trying not to look at the seconds counting down and instead to focus on moving my legs), I accidentally hit the dreaded button and lost all my stats; the calories, the distance ran, everything. I was gutted. I left the gym in tears, thinking that because I hadn't completed my own challenge, I'd failed. However, Hubby was on hand to cheer me up and he cleverly pointed out that even though I had no stats (something I enjoying tracking) it didn't mean my workout had been wiped out! #goodpointTom So I'm focusing on what I do know, and I know that on Black Thursday (#dramaqueen) I ran almost 1km (0.82 at the last look) in seven-and-a-half minutes and during my 27-ish minutes on the treadmill, I burnt at least 270 calories, so I'm focusing on the positive.
After Thursday's episode, I sooo didn't want to go to the gym on Saturday 26th, but I was also determined to run for ten minutes and know exactly how far I can run in that time. I dragged my ass there and can confirm that I ran 0.85 miles (1.37km) in 10 minutes and 45 seconds. I did a five-minute walking warm up and a three-minute walking cool down :)
I spent the rest of my hour at the gym on the weights machines, which I haven't been on in at least a month!

The following day I went on a 1.90-mile (3.05km) walk with my mum and Izzy...
A 30-minute walk on Monday lunchtime helped to increase my minutes...
Finally, I went to the gym again last night after work. I forgot my sports bra so I couldn't run without giving myself a black eye but I managed to walk 3.02 km (1.15 miles) and burn 290 calories in 35 minutes...
I finished by doing 10 minutes or so of squats #ouch!
You can find out more about #1800MinuteChallenge here.
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