Friday, 18 April 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Good Friday, guys 'n' gals!
I hope you're all good and enjoying the first day of a four-day weekend! Gotta love long weekends!

This Easter weekend, Hubby and I are decorating. I hate decorating. We're sprucing up our master bedroom and totally re-doing the 'study' (aka the third bedroom) as we've lived here for six and a half years and never decorated that particular room. So as we decided to give our bedroom a touch up, I stupidly decided it'd be a great idea to decorate the study at the same time (yes, I think I may be mad!). So we've spent the last two nights sleeping in our guest bedroom, surrounded by everything but the furniture from the master bedroom and study. I'm slowly grasping what it would be like to be one of those crazy hoarders that you see on TV. There is stuff everywhere and I'm already fed up of it, but I know it'll be worth it. I'm planning a lazy weekend recap post, complete with photos, on Tuesday for you all, so you get a glimpse into the madness! I hope you have a more exciting weekend planned. We are having my parents, brother and his girlfriend over for an Easter roast dinner on Sunday though, so we will get a day off from the decorating madness. 

Have you seen any news this week? The only things I've really heard about are that Korean ferry which capsized on Wednesday - it's just awful. I cried watching the news last night - there really is an overwhelming amount of sadness out there at the moment. I'm looking forward to more cheerful news; 
fingers crossed it comes soon, because it can be so hard to find the light amongst all the darkness in the world!

I did also see William and Kate and adorable baby George making waves Down Under. They seem like such a lovely, down to earth couple and I honestly think Wills will make a great King! 

I haven't even had the chance to be distracted by browse Buzzfeed this week, so I have nothing to share with you from that genius website, although I'm sure if you headed over there right now, you'll fall into the Buzzfeed abyss find something to entertain you.

Right, I better go and start glossing :(
Have a good one!
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