Friday, 11 April 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, blogland.
How's your week been? Mine's flown by. I thought Wednesday was Tuesday and I thought Thursday was Wednesday so it feels crazy that today is already Friday. Crazy, but man I am glad. I can't wait for a lie in tomorrow. I'm feeling loads better this week; in fact Wednesday was probably the first day in two weeks that I felt like me, so whatever it was I caught, knocked me for six! I actually totally lost my voice for almost three days; I was writing notes to communicate with people at work at with Hubby once I was home! I'm so glad to be feeling better now though :)

What is going on with all the 'celebrity' deaths this week? Three people have passed since Monday; firstly there was Peaches Geldof (I feel soooo sad for her family, especially her father, who has already suffered so much, and her two sons, who are almost two and almost one-year-old), then there was The Ultimate Warrior (aged just 54) and then today I awoke to the news of Sue Townsend's passing. I loved the Adrian Mole books growing up so to hear that she's died overnight, aged just 68, is so sad :( What's with all the sadness in the world right now?
I came across this the other day on good old Buzzfeed and I got 24 out of 50, 
which apparently means I'm in my prime, lol.

Thanks to the warmer weather we've been enjoying this week, I've been getting out at lunchtimes to practice with my camera, as well as add to my #1800MinuteChallenge minutes :) I've just come back from a walk along Leicester canal and I actually got some lovely shots...

Have a great weekend!
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