Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Things I hate, about April

Happy hump day, bitches!
I'm still struggling with a severe cold, which I was hoping would be over by now, but alas...

I have a younger brother; he's five and a half years younger than I am. He will turn 24 on April 8th. 
24!! When did he, and therefore I, get so old?! 

I'm trying to eat a little cleaner, a little healthier yet just around the corner is Easter, and we all know what that means... Easter eggs and lots of chocolate! I used to get loads of Easter eggs as a child, but thank the lord those days are over now; the only egg I usually get is from my Auntie Jo, who insists she is going to buy all her nieces and nephews Easter eggs until she dies :)

I get why it's not a Bank Holiday, but it does annoy me that St George's Day (April 23rd) is not a Bank Holiday here in England. We seem to celebrate and acknowledge all the other patron saints' days, especially St Patrick's Day, but we don't seem to do too much for St George's Day!

That's all for today, folks; I'm running on very little brain power!
Have a good one!
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