Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Boys Behind The Blog #11

It's that time of the month again (no, not that one!); it's time for Hubby to take over my blog 
for The Boys Behind The Blog, run by Mal and Stephanie...
1. Your significant other’s blog; a blessing or a curse? Joe @ Another Clean Slate 
I would defiantly say a blessing, as I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. (Laura - arrrwww!)

2. Do you read your wife's blog? Brian @ Heather's Hurrah
I do, yes, especially when I am mentioned :) (Laura - nosy parker, lol)

3. What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know? Justin @ Our Fairy Tale
I'm not really sure as I haven’t been truly tested. (Laura - I would say he's pretty good at being a Hubby and I hope I never find out if anyone else can do better)

4. What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90's? Sam @ Jessie Jo At Home
I would have to say Friends. (Laura - good choice)

5. If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? What goods or services would you sell? Nate @Kate & Trudy
Hhmmm, this is rather difficult; I've never really thought about it, but if I did it would be something to do with the great outdoors. (Laura - he bloody loves being outside)

Boys Behind The Blog
Happy Thursday, peeps :)
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  1. I might have the only man who says my blog is a curse. haha. Your man sounds like a great guy!

    1. I think he's a great guy ;) thanks, Kristin :)

  2. LOVE Friends, my boyfriend and a couple others chose that show too! Loved the being best as a hubby comment :)