Wednesday, 9 April 2014

If you knew me...

you'd know...
  • I'm a night owl who is envious of morning people - they always seem to get so much more done in their mornings than I can get done all day, but I still can't fight my make-up and turn myself into a morning person :(
  • I can be kinda untidy at home (pots in the sink, nail polish bottles on the coffee table, books on the floor), but once I have it in my head that it's time to clean up my mess, I can do nothing else (eat, sleep, go to the gym). Once I reach that point, I have to clean - if my house is messy, my head space is messy and I cannot concentrate.
  • I can drive - I actually passed my driving test 10 years ago - but I hate it! I hate other drivers, I hate traffic, I even hate searching for a car parking space in a busy car park. I spent so much time and energy learning to drive, and I'm so grateful that I did, but I always let Hubby drive!
  • My first crush was little Joey Joe from New Kids On The Block, but my first love was Mark Owen from Take That, but he was swiftly, and permanently, replaced by Nick Carter, who I still have an almighty crush on.
  • I have a bit of a potty mouth; on a regular day, I probably say the f-word about 10 times, at least. I am trying to swear less, just because it's not the most articulate way to express yourself, but it's hard! 
  • I love the smell of freshly baked bread, cut grass and freshly washed bedsheets.
  • I'm always late, for everything, except my wedding (you're welcome, Hubby). I just wish they'd hurry up and invent teleportation - that'd solve most of my problems.
  • I hate coffee; the taste, the smell, I just hate everything about this horrific beverage.
  • I don't believe that an outfit is complete without a splash of nail polish!
  • I could happily live the rest of my life only eating Mexican & Italian food.
  • I love book stores. I love wandering around, not necessarily looking for anything specific.
  • The list of places I want to visit is extensive and includes Vancouver, San Francisco, LA, New York, New Orleans, Peru, Italy, Ireland, Botswana and New Zealand.

Happy Hump Day!
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