Monday, 14 April 2014

April's Love List

This month, I am loving...

The warm weather & lighter nights
It's sooo lovely going home from work and not having to close my curtains or turn lights on until 
approx 8pm. The weather has been so nice lately, but I'm certain it won't last; 
although how nice would it be if it stayed like this until September?! 

Backstreet Boys
Following the concert at the beginning of the month, I have been listening to all my 
Backstreet Boys albums again and discovering album tracks I'd long forgotten about. 
I really do love this band!

My new Backstreet Boys mug
She holds a good cuppa tea :)

Lighter Nails
Now that the dark and gloomyness of winter is behind us, I'm enjoying re-discovering last springs nail polishes. 
I might even treat myself to a new Essie soon, as I'm loving their new spring 2014 collections...
Happy Monday, peeps!
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