Friday, 28 March 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, blogland.

I've not had the greatest week. Wednesday, I could have sworn that I was dying! #noexaggeration 
I've never felt so bad. Wednesday night I had a bath and got into bed at 6:30pm and was asleep by 8pm. I slept right through (bar 10 minutes when I got up to pee) until 7am the next morning. I also only ate my usual breakfast of peanut butter and banana on toast and a couple of bags of Wotists (like Cheetos for my American readers) on Wednesday and anyone who knows me, knows that even when I'm ill, I can still eat. I had no appetite. I'm feeling much better today though, although I'm still not 100% but I'm on the mend :)

Before my sudden and debilitating illness, I signed up to the 1800 Minute Challenge as described here by the gorgeous Erin. I've been keeping up with my gym sessions since I joined in October but I thought this would be a great way to hold myself accountable and get in as much exercise/activity as I can. My real-life buddy Mandeep has also signed up. Feel free to check the #1800MinuteChallenge hash tag on Instagram for 
motivation and to see how we're all getting on. #bringiton!

I['m sure you were all mentally scared by my #nomakeupselfie photo last week, but I thought you;d like to know that the campaign has, as of the latest release, raised £8million, meaning Cancer Research UK can now fund 10 new clinical trials that they otherwise wouldn't have had the cash for! If you took part or donated, give yourself a huge pat of the back; you did good!

As of midnight tonight, same-sex marriage is 100% legal and available to couples in England and Wales! The Bill to make same-sex marriage law was passed last year but it's midnight on Saturday March 29th that it actually comes into force! Hallelujah! It's about time; and it's about time the rest of the world followed suit! #loveislove

As I've been busy being ill and recovering this week I don't have much else for you, so here are a few Buzzfeed links to brighten up your Friday...
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Oh I should probably mention that it's highly unlikely that there will be a Word Vomit Friday next week as I'm OFF TO SEE THE BACKSTREET BOYS in concert at the O2 in London!!!!!!! #squeal 

Have a great weekend, peeps :)
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