Friday, 21 March 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, peeps!
The sun is shining and it's almost the weekend! 
I feel like I have so much to share with you today; let's see if I can get all my thoughts and 
news round-up out of my brain and into this post...

Firstly, if you frequent social media as much as I do, then you're bound to have seen the #nomakeupselfies doing the rounds. Apparently it didn't start off as a Cancer Research UK campaign, 
but over £1million was raised in 24 hours as people posted their narcissistic make-up-free selfies to social media and asked their friends/followers/minions to donate £3 to Cancer Research UK by texting BEAT to 70007. I took part this morning on my private Facebook, but just for fun, and to encourage my blog readers to donate, 
here's my #nomakeupselfie (sorry if you're eating your breakfast reading this)...
1:55pm EDIT: The figure raised has now reached £2million :)

Secondly, it's Sports Relief today. Did any of you watch the amazing Davina in her Beyond Breaking Point documentary last night on BBC1? If not, catch up on the iPlayer over the weekend as it's truly inspirational TV. Davina McCall, national-treasure and TV presenter extraordinaire swan, cycled and ran from Edinburgh to London in just seven days, which just so happened to be seven days of some of the worst weather Britain had this winter! Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds! I cried... about four times! You can still sponsor Davina here.

How on earth is that plane still missing?! I heard on the news this morning that the search in the southern Indian Ocean is still going on following those satellite images (released on Thursday) which showed objects possibly related to the plane off the coast (far off the coast) of the Perth. My brain cannot comprehend how a plane, a Boeing 747 (!), can just disappear AND remain lost for 14 days and counting - it's just crazy!!

Following last week's Word Vomit Friday being void of any Buzzfeed links, they've upped their game and actually distracted me from work on at least two occasions this week. Find out why here and here.

When looking for the above links again, I came across this and it's the truth :)
I also love how Buzzfeed don't know that this couple are semi-famous. It's Tom from McFly and his wife. It's also the cutest video I've seen in a very long time. Congrats to the Fletchers on the birth of baby Buzz :)

Finally, let's end this Word Vomit Friday on another awesome note.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Your no-makeup selfie is gorgeous! Buzzfeed makes me happy since it's so funny!