Friday, 14 March 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, everyone.
This week seems to have gone fast but I'm glad it's Friday (when am I not?) especially as I struggled to 
get out of bed this morning! These Word Vomit Friday posts seem to be the only ones I actually sit down, 
write and then hit publish without scheduling lately. I dunno if I'm losing the love for blogging or 
I'm just super organised - thoughts?

I'm totally behind this post that the beautiful Whitney posted yesterday. #ProjectSelfLove
It's so hard to look at yourself in the mirror, or at photos of yourself, and not pick out your worse features,
but I agree with Whitney that we shouldn't be focusing on the negative and instead should be looking at the positive, at how strong our bodies are, wobbly bits and all. We should be praising ourselves for all the things we have accomplished instead of comparing our achievements to the achievements of others (like when I wished I'd thought of Project Self-Love when reading Whit's post). So, tell me in the comments, what are your proud of today and why do you love yourself.  I'm still loving myself because on Sunday I ran for 10 minutes non-stop on the treadmill at the gym. I joined back in October (you can read my goals here) and could hardly run for one minute; five months later 
and I can run for 10 - my next goal: 30 minutes by Christmas!

I've spent my week reading the latest book, Divergent, for Bon's Book Club and so far, to my surprise, 
I'm actually really enjoying it. I know it's been made into a film that's coming out soon, but the book is 
always better! On that subject, I'm actually planning to watch The Book Thief before reading it because
I know the book will be better and I don't wanna watch the film after reading the book and feel like 
I've wasted two hours of my life! In fact, I love The Notebook film so much I have flatly refused to ever 
read the book; I don't want the movie ruined, no matter how good the book is! Anyone else always 
prefer the book?

Finally, I dunno if the sun is shining where you are, but if it is click here and enjoy :)

Have a great weekend!
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Hey, I think this post my be a first - the first WVF without a Buzzfeed link :)
You clearly need to up your game Buzzfeed!

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