Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Things I love, about March

Happy Hump Day, peeps :)
In the spirit of being more positive, here are some of the things I love about the month of March...

Lots of birthdays in March may mean lots of money and presents to buy, but it also means 
lots of love and well-wishes, and who doesn't like those?! :)

Daylight Savings Time may mean we lose an hour's sleep, but it also means that the days are going to be longer from here on out! The mornings start earlier (sunrise today was at 6:42am) and it stays lighter for longer (today's sunset where I live is 5:51pm, meaning the day is 11 hours, 8 minutes and 2 seconds long) - the countdown to summer really is on!

Despite my complaining about what to buy, Mother's Day isn't so bad. It's a great opportunity to show your mum, and mother-in-law, just how great they are, because we all know that mums rule!

Finally, March 2014 boasts something usually credited to February: Pancake Day.
Now, I don't usually need an excuse to eat a pancake, or two, but what better excuse 
is there than a national Pancake Day? None, exactly!

Keep ploughing through, peeps; the weekend is almost here!
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  1. that picture completely makes me think of March and spring. I love the new things a changing season brings.