Monday, 3 March 2014

Things I hate, about March

How is it the 3rd of March already?

I've already celebrated and sent birthday wishes to two friends so far this month and it's my sister-in-law's
21st at the end of this week. Why must the month of March have so many birthdaysand that's not 
even taking into consideration that my biggest crush, Jensen Ackles, celebrates his birthday on March 1st!

The biggest change March brings with it is Daylight Savings Time when we all lose an hour's sleep and put our clocks forward by one hour (on the 30th this year). I love my sleep and dread this day from the moment the clocks go back by an hour in October (which incidentally this year is on my 30th birthday, meaning I get a 25-hour birthday, again #boom)!

The weather in March can be bat-shit crazy! Take a look at 2012 compared to 2013...
While I'm still hoping for a weekend of snow, solely so I can take some photos
I hope March 2014 looks more like March 2012 than March 2013.

Finally, it's Mothering Sunday (to give it its proper name) this month. I hate Mother's Day, 
simply because what on earth do you by your own mother and your mother-in-law
Why are mum's amongst the hardest people to buy gifts for?

Anyways, enough of my moaning; I'll try to be more positive on Wednesday!
Have a great Monday!
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