Friday, 7 February 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!
What a week it has been; I dunno about you but I've been soooo tired this week. Three nights 
out of four I've been tucked up in bed before 10pm and that, well it's just unheard of for me. 
I must be getting old!
Another photo that has nothing to do with the post below #actionshot

So, the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics starts today. I will not be watching any of it, 
as much as I love to watch some of the sports (namely the ski jumping and snowboarding). I cannot,
however indirectly, support these games. I don't agree with Russia's stance on human or gay rights, 
so that means I won't be watching. It has made me laugh to see the tweets from journalists regarding 
their incomplete hotels this past week - if you've not seen any yet, click here. I also love that Google 
has got involved today with this! The Winter Olympics has also pissed me off because the TV 
networks in America are using it as an excuse to take a bunch of my favourite TV shows 
(Supernatural included) off the air for two weeks! #sob

Almost everywhere in the world, the weather has been a bit crazy so far this year; it's been 
beyond freezing in America, boiling in Australia and Brazil and extremely wet in southern parts of the 
UK - some villages have been cut off since Christmas Day and the Environment Agency chief is only 
just visiting the affected areas today!! What is that about?! Surely he would have taken some time
out of his busy schedule to visit these communities before now, some 45 days after the first floods!

This article, from the wonderful and always-funny Buzzfeed, on why staying in 
is the new going out is perfect and 100% accurate!

This might be the most British thing I have seen all week! #tubestrike

Finally, you know that old saying 'dance like no-one's watching'?!
Well, watch this! #nailedit!

Have a great weekend peeps!
I know I will - I get to meet my new baby second-cousin :)
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