Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Things I love, about February

As I said on Monday, as February only has 28 days, it's the shortest month in the
calendar and before you know it, it's March and you're another month closer to the summer!

I dunno if you've noticed, but it's getting lighter out there. This month sees the sun setting after
5pm (on the 6th here in Britain) and sees the sun rising before 7am (on the 25th) - another clue
that summer is, once again, on the way :)

January was wet! There's no other way to describe it, so I'm hoping that February will be cold.
I want some snow goddamnit! The temps have been unusually mild so far this year and so it
doesn't really feel like winter - it feels like autumn, minus the best part, the colour! A week, or two,
of cold temps and/or snow would be nice... then spring is welcome to arrive with bells on!

I'm not sure whether you've spotted any yet, but the spring flowers are beginning to make
their presence known - crocuses, snowdrops and irises are all popping their heads out of the ground
to brighten things up :) The daffs can't be far behind! I'm so ready to see a bit of life/spring out and
about, so much so that I recently bought these beauties to brighten things up around my house...

What do you love the most about February?
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