Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Boy Behind The Blog

Today, I'm taking part in a link-up I have only recently discovered...
Boys Behind The Blog
The beautiful Mal over at Mal Smiles (along with Stephanie) invites us, on every third Thursday of the month,
to get our man (husband/fiancé/boyfriend/best guy friend/dad/brother/grandpa) to answer five easy questions and then link up with other bloggers as part of 'Boys Behind The Blog'.

Well, I thought this idea was genius even though none of my readers have ever expressed an interest in finding out more about Hubs, so, after some arm twisting (which included mentioning that taking part in today's link-up gives us the chance to win a $30 Amazon gift card!), we're giving it a go today. So over to you, Tom...

1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
The one place I would like to live is Australia; I went there on honeymoon and spent three weeks in the country - three weeks is not long enough. I have a soft spot for the Australian lifestyle that I would love to experience full-time.

2. Sand or snow?
Snow, all day long! Just so much fun; yes it's cold but, you can't throw sandballs. (Laura: he has a valid point, you can't throw sandballs, lol)

3. What Winter Olympic sport would you rock at?
I’m not too sure as I’m not a skier (went with school when I was 15 but that’s it and spent most of the time falling over) and I can barely stand up on ice skates (Laura: that is not true - he's actually pretty good at ice skating), so I guess I would have to say bob-sleigh, as you just sit in what looks like an aerodynamic tin can, right? 

4. You're cooking a romantic dinner- what is your go-to dish?
I would have to say tuna napolitana as I can cook that without even looking at the instructions and it's very tasty (Laura: it is!).

5. Fill in the blank: This year, I gave (your wife/girlfriend/fiancée's name) a _________________ 
for Valentine's Day?
This year, I gave Laura a big kiss and hug for Valentine's Day, as I do everyday, as I don’t believe in all the hype of the day - why should I show my love on just one day when there are 364 (or 365) other days in the year to show someone you love them?! Why should I conform to society, as buying a bunch of flowers on other days of the year is more thoughtful and not just purchased (at over the top prices, may I add) because I have to, because everyone else does!!!!

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There you have it! Don't you feel like you know Hubby just a little bit better now :)
If you want to find out more about Boys Behind The Blog, click here
Happy Thursday :)
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  1. Hello from the link up! Love the "you can't throw sandballs" - haha :)

    1. haha I know, Hubs is a card ain't he?! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Haha you can't throw sandballs is priceless! Though I'd be happy to give it a try and I done with snow :)

    1. I actually wish it would snow here as we haven't had any yet this winter :( Thanks for stopping by x

  3. You can sling wet sand, what about that- maybe not so much fun as snowballs :) I actually wrote a whole post on V-day and it centers around the same as your husband's answer-too funny.

    1. Haha, I got a good one, didn't I?! So glad we share the same views on Valentine's Day, otherwise it could get awkward. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Our school has had 7 snow days this year!!! But I guess he's allowed to like snow. haha. Australia for a honeymoon!! Awesome!!!! And I don't know what that tuna dish is but is sounds amazing!! Stopping by from the BBTB linkup!

    1. Ah 7 snow days - that's crazy. We've not even had 7 minutes of snow fall this winter :( I want some fun in the snow :( The tuna dish involves pasta, spices and canned tuna :) Thanks for stopping by x

  5. Love his answer to #5! Right on.