Monday, 24 February 2014

Review: John Lewis 'COLOUR'

Unless you're a new reader to this ol' blog of mine, 
then you'll probably know that I love nail polish. 
Disclaimer: These nail polishes were sent to me for free by John Lewis Leicester, but all opinions are my own.
I'm one of those girls (can I still refer to myself as a girl aged 29?!) who doesn't feel like an outfit is complete without a splash of colour on my nails. I actually despise bare nails, despite the fact that I know I have to give my nails a break from 
polish every once in a while for their general health *blah blah blah*

My go-to brand is Essie. I fell in love with it at the first stroke. It's so hard wearing and the range of colours 
(and the genius names they come up with) is exceptional. The majority of brushes are also nice and thick (some bottles, 
bought online, have a small, thin brush) meaning I can get away with one or two strokes per coat, per nail. When using Essie, I usually find that I can get four days out of a manicure before it chips beyond repair (unless I clean 
the whole house from top to bottom and then it only lasts about five ours - more fool me!)However, I'm not prejudice, I'll give any brand a go, so when John Lewis Leicester sent me two colours from their own brand, which they launched last year (aptly named COLOUR) to try (plus a base coat and a top coat, cuz we all know no manicure is worth doing without 
these essentials), I was pretty stoked.

I love 'British Summertime' - It's a gorgeous silvery grey and I although it didn't feel dark enough for the winter months, I'm pretty sure I'll be rocking this in the spring and autumn. My main criticism of these nail polishes actually relates to the bottle, which looks pretty, but that big black top makes it pretty awkward to paint your nails, especially when painting the dreaded right hand :( The brush was much thinner than I am used to with the Essie polishes, but that made it perfect for my wrecked smaller nails, which were clearly in need of some TLC!

When it came to how hard-wearing the polishes were, I'll let the photos I took
over five days (on my iPhone, sorry) do the talking...
Done whilst getting a Supernatural DVD out of its case :( I'm not even left-handed!
Done whilst putting my socks on (after a hot shower when nail polish is, admittedly, vulnerable) :(
Wrecked after a workout at the gym and a long, hot shower to sooth my poor muscles
During my five days wearing 'British Summertime', I prepared and cooked three evening meals, washed the dishes (with gloves on) three times, had four showers, went to the gym and enjoyed a weekend in Bolton. As you can see, minus a few small chips, John Lewis COLOUR was good for a full three days, which is about on par with my beloved Essie. As most people paint their nails specifically for a night out, John Lewis COLOUR is a great investment as it goes on well and looks great!

My buddy Mandeep tested 'Rosy Cheeks' for me as I felt it was too bright for my see-through skin.
During her four days wearing 'Rosy Cheeks', Mandeep went swimming, washed the dishes twice
(sans gloves) and prepared and cooked a feast for five!

You can buy your own John Lewis COLOUR nail polishes here for just £7.50 a bottle.
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    1. Which purple, Alycia? There's no purple there. The John Lewis top coat (the last bottle on the first photo) has a purple tint in the bottle but it paints on clear :)