Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February's Love List

Following on from the Little Mrs Sunshine Love List début in January,
today I'm bringing you the random things I am loving this month...

Flavoured Water...
I don't really drink enough water - I actually hate the taste so usually drop a splash of no added sugar 
squash into my drinks - but I know it's important, so I've been making a conscious effort to
drink more water, by adding fruit to it and it's been a bit of a revelation!

I'm loving the light that's started to flood into our front room around lunch time and
although I only get to see it at weekends, it makes me happy for the arrival of
spring and the warmer weather!

Mint Rocky...
Oh my word, these are sooo good! If you get the chance, try them!

The photography taken by this lady. Will I ever be any good at taking photos
and how long before I'm taking gorgeous photos like this?? :(
I'll just keep practising with my Nikon :)

Finally, I'm not loving...
What the fudge is that all about?! #stupidesttrendever

Happy hump day :)
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