Friday, 3 January 2014

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, peeps.

It sooo doesn't feel like Friday, but man am I glad it is! I started back to work yesterday after being off 
since 1pm on Monday December 23rd and it was brutal to say the least. The brutality of it was 
two-fold thanks to the fact that I have a stinker of a cold - what a great way to start 2014!
I'm gonna plough through this post though, with the hope that I can make a bit of sense 
and entertain you for five minutes!

So, how are you all doing with your New Year's Resolutions
You can find mine here and here. I'm not doing too bad on my resolution to drink more fluid, but 
I'm guessing three cups of tea in the space of five hours probably doesn't count. However, as for 
achieving something each day and getting fit... well, lets just say that ain't happening - I blame my cold :(
I actually really like Bonnie's idea of coming up with a resolution for each month, a goal to dedicate your 
time and effort to for that month. It seems like a much more manageable way to make long-lasting changes.

I took all my festive decorations down on Wednesday...
...and although my house now looks really bare, I kinda like it!

I dunno about you, but I don't find internet shopping as satisfying as real-life, in the shop shopping. 
I've done both over the Christmas break, buying sales bits and gifts for Hubby's birthday, and I definitely
find shopping in the store more satisfying, despite the crowds. I've only received one of the two online 
orders I've placed so far (Hubby's birthday presents) so I'm hoping that the next delivery (which contains 
five new books) will be much more satisfying :)

What on earth is up with the weather lately? Both the UK and America are experiencing some
crazy-ass weather lately - I hope it's not the sign of things to come for 2014!

This makes me happy - his retirement cannot come soon enough in my opinion!

This made me sad :( #ripUnclePhil

And that's all I have for you ladies and gentlemen, my brain really is fogged with cold.
Have a great weekend - I plan to spend mine in bed, eating leftover Christmas chocolates!
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