Friday, 10 January 2014

Word Vomit Friday

It's finally Friday - high-five, dudes!
This photo has nothing to do with the post; Mr Robin is just a cutie.
I've got loads I want to share with you/rant about this week, so here we go...

Do you ever come across a blog post and wish you'd written it or wish you were even the slightest bit articulate enough to get even close to describing it in your own words?! My beautiful real-life buddy
Sarah wrote a very moving post the other day about the impact music can have on our lives,
even in the darkest of times; please take a moment to read it here.

I saw this story on the news on Tuesday and was shocked to the point of tears.
How on earth are there still people like this in the world today - it's 2014 for Christ's sake!

This is another thing that makes me sick! More people need to think about what they're saying typing
online. My motto is 'if I wouldn't say it to their face, I'm certainly not going to type it to their icon'
and I really think more people need to adopt that attitude. And, what a stupid thing to abuse someone
online for - seriously are you that passionate about who appears on your bank notes? I'm just
happy I have bank notes in my purse to spend.

I've been exploring blogworld a little more this week, with the aim of finding more UK blogs to follow
(holla at me if you're a Brit-Blogger and I'll take a look-see at your blog) but if I come across one more blog
with small/blurry/loads-of-crap-in-the-background photos published, I am going to scream!
Seriously people, think about the photos you're taking as you take them. Look at what is actually
in the frame (as much as I'm sure you enjoyed eating those crisps, we do not need to see the empty packet in the 
background) and if you are taking photos on your iPhone, please PLEASE wait for the lens to focus
before hitting 'snap'. I'm all for 'keeping it real' but seriously?! Phew, now I've got that off my chest,
I feel better. Just don't be putting any more shit photos on your blogs, okay?!

Supernatural is back on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning for me - damn you time difference)
and so this promo for part two of Season 9 was released on Tuesday. I may have squealed,
but I definitely gave my friend hiccups when I sent it to her :) #proud

I have a confession to make: I have heard Beyonce's latest song and... I don't like it!

In other news, I've changed my Twitter handle, but have been on a go-slow with my Instagram.
I've only posted nine photos so far this year, so I need to find things worth photographing ASAP!
(shameless plug for more followers on social media)

After the week I've had, this is 100% accurate.

Have a great weekend peeps!
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  1. God Laura wish I could put things down that came into my head,I was listening to one of the music shows on the T.V on Monday and One Direction came on singing "Little Things" and I thought Wow wish I could write things like that but hey I'm only a dumb ass mechanic what do I know, one day perhaps.