Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Things I love, about January

Last Wednesday I shared with you the five things that I hate about January.
In the spirit of being a little more positive and cheerful, today I'm sharing with you the five things
I love about January...

Despite the darkness, did you know that it is actually getting lighter day-by-day? Last Wednesday, when I published my hate post, the 'day' boasted just seven hours and fifty-five minutes of daylight, whereas today, there are eight hours and ten minutes of daylight in my part of the world. So, by the end of January, the sun will be rising at 7:49am and setting at 4:48pm and by the end of February, the 'day' will be ten hours and forty-eight minutes long. Visit this website to find out the fascinating facts for your corner of the globe!

Hubby's birthday takes place later this month and it's the first exciting thing to happen all month, so we're going to make the most of it. I hope he likes his gifts and I'm treating him to a trip to his favourite Indian restaurant the evening before so hopefully I'll be earning a few good wife Brownie points.

The sales - as well as getting some birthday presents for loved ones celebrating throughout 2014, 
I've also stocked up on Christmas cards and wrap for Christmas 2014 in the sales :) #Iloveabargain

Everyone is on a health kick so there are offers on a range of healthy snacks/food in every shop you go into. Plus, as everyone is trying to eat a little better, there are very few treats floating around the office!

A bare house, void of festive decorations, is a clean house!

And one more for good luck: The TV shows that took a break at the start of December are back!
Supernatural came back last night and I cried, twice. Once at the beginning and once at the end.
Oh, those Winchester brothers do know how to pull at my heart strings! Arrow and The 
Tomorrow People return tonight and I can't wait!

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. Great post!! I too love the return of the American TV shows haha, wahooo Revenge and Criminal Minds!

    Helen X

    1. Thanks, Helen; I wish more America shows aired simultaneously here and there! x

  2. Ah, it's hard to be positive about January and you did a great job! :) I like the healthy food part, I always feel it's needed after an indulgent December and the fact that it's one month closer to Spring! ..ah... Spring! Nikki x

    1. Thanks Nikki, it is hard eh?! I did a post last week about why January sucks and that was much easier to write, lol. Thanks for your comment! x

  3. I think january always seems grim to most people with the xmas cheer all suddenly dissapeared and the bills get you down, this year i have put everything to the back of mind and let things take their toll , soon it will be summer and we will be feeling great again, i just wish it had snowed at xmas, i remember it used to every year, i definatly didnt over indulge this year though, i have been quite good with that x