Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Things I hate, about January

Can you believe it's only the 8th of January?!
I dunno about you, but it feels like it should be about the 18th of January already.
The Christmas/New Year break seems like soooo long ago and the Easter break,
well, that beauty is a mammoth 77 working days away #cheerfulfactforyou
Today, I thought I'd share with you just five of the issues that I have with the month of January,
a month that most people loathe thanks to the cold, darkness and post-Christmas blues...

Despite the fact that the shortest day is December 21st, the afternoons are still filled with darkness
The only things that makes the darkness more manageable throughout December is the Christmas lights 
that brighten up the place, but with them gone for another year, everywhere looks so dark and boring!

Not only is it Hubby's birthday this month, it's also my sister-in-law's and Hubby's god-daughter's in January.
Not only that but these three birthdays all come within seven days of one another, making the last week of the month pretty expensive - although I must confess, I've bought pressies in the sales this year!

The sales - seriously, how long do these things needs to last?! They get raided on Boxing Day and
then again at the start of January when people have been paid, so why are there still sales on at the end
of January?! There's nothing but crap left by January 5th, so why don't the shops just admit they have
nothing but crap left and either slash prices even further or just give up and donate the 'crap' to charity?!

How am I supposed to eat clean and stay healthy when there is so much
leftover Christmas food/chocolate in the house?!

My house has been looking very bare since I took the festive decorations down on New Year's Day.
I loved it at first, but now it's a little depressing.

And one more for good luck: Is it me or is January not the longest month of the entire year?!

This time next week, I'll be a bit more cheerful and I'll share with you 
a few of the things I love about January, so, until then, I bid you adieu!
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  1. As I had said yesterday, January is one long Monday!! #januaryblues x