Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Learning to embrace my inner old lady

With my 30th birthday looming (only 277 days to go)
lately I've been learning to embrace my inner old lady. 
I look so hot!
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I've been told, on numerous occasions, that I was born old - I've always been the sensible, responsible one -
but lately I've found myself genuinely enjoying certain things that I think make me old before my time.
I've always been the kind of girl who enjoys staying in to watch a movie or read a book rather than
go out partying until the small hours, but lately I've found my inner old lady peeking her cataract-covered beady eye out and taking over my enjoyment factor to appreciate the craziest of things, including...

An early night, even on a Friday
When I was younger and even into my early 20s, I was the definition of a night owl. I would happily stay 
up until 2/3am watching random TV shows, reading a book or chatting with friends online, but these days 
I'm lucky to still be awake past midnight. During the week, I often find myself dropping off on the sofa
around 10pm. From Monday to Friday, you're lucky to catch me still awake at 11pm, and that makes 
me feel old!

Using lemons to clean the microwave
I picked up this tip from Pinterest (yes some of the things on there do work - I was shocked too!) and when 
I did this last weekend, I was so pleased that my microwave was now clean and I hadn't had to use 
some horrible, chemical-riddled cleaner and I thought to myself 'wow, who are you?' I can tell you, 
I felt a lot older than my 29 years!

A clean kitchen
My kitchen is always, without a doubt, the messiest room in my whole house! There are just two of us, 
but you'd be shocked at actually how messy and explosive things can get in there when we're cooking. 
I have a long, thin galley kitchen with loads of storage and worktop space, which I initially thought was 
great, but now I realise it's just more space to clutter up, spill sauce on and dump random things that 
have no place in a kitchen. So, when we actually do get around to giving the thing a really good 
clean, I'm happier than a pig in... well, you know!

Not knowing who is Number 1 in the charts
Ok, so I used to naively think that I would never not know what was going on in the
charts/music industry because that kind of thing was high up on 14-year-old Laura's priority list.
These days, I'm lucky if I catch a song as it leaves the Top 40. I have no clue who is Number 1,
who the newest boy band on the block is or which girl band is rife with in-fighting. It just does
not interest me and that's something I never thought I'd say.

Comfort vs. fashion
I've never been one of those girls who is hip to the latest trends but the older I get, the more
I am noticing that I am opting for comfort EVERY SINGLE TIME. I can't remember the last time
I wore a pair of high heels, I always leave the house with a coat or jacket and I wouldn't dream of
drawing attention to my breeding hips with a pendulum top or skinny jeans. I guess this might
have something to do with me being old enough to know my own style now instead of just
following fashion, but you say tomato, I say...

So today blogland, I'd like to encourage you to embrace your inner old lady;
you know you want to!
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  1. I'm already old before my time ( But I like to think I look younger!) You can even catch me in on New Year's Eve watching Jools Holland!

    The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

    1. I really am not a fan of New Year's Eve - does that make me old too?! Oh no! x

  2. I am totally in agreement about needing a tidy kitchen and also not knowing who is number 1 in the charts. I hit 25 this year and I am scared I am becoming an old woman already!

    Wonderful post... by the way that photo is amazing!!!

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

    1. Hahaha thanks, Georgie. I don't know that 'amazing' is the word I would use. Horrific, scary, terrifying but not amazing! x

  3. I'm 23 and I do all these things! I wouldn't worry about turning 30, they say 30 is the new 21. :) xx

    Kate's Product of the Week - Primark Owl Tweezers

    1. I'm sure 30 won't be anywhere near as bad as I imagine, Kate x

  4. i just turned 30 and feel much older im my mind ,,,,,tired and worn out, living in a house in quiet tiny village means i dont need t scare others with my looks lol x

    1. I think my mind has got stuck at 25. I was shocked last January when I was filling in birthdays/important events on my 2013 calendar and I wrote my younger brother's birthday - he was turning 23 - and I thought, that can't be right, I'm only 25...oh! He's five-and-a-half years younger than me; that certainly made me feel old! x

  5. I am 30 later on in the year and, erm, this sounds like me. And these days when I open my mouth, my mother comes out. Jeez! {';'}

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Haha, I don't think I'm turning into my mother just yet, although, you'd probably be better off checking with my Hubby :) Thanks for the comment, Louise x