Friday, 13 December 2013

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

I enjoyed last week's first ever Word Vomit Friday so much that I've decided it's going to become
a weekly thing! Aren't you lucky?! Anyway, without any further ado (what actually is ado?),
here's the second ever Word Vomit Friday...

Today is Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day in which the charity
encourages people to wear festive jumpers and pay a pound and all the money raised
goes towards helping Save The Children. You can find out more about it here.
There are so many festive jumpers online and in stores this festive season
that you don't really have any excuse not to buy one...
This is my jumper - it's from New Look and I love it! 
I shall be wearing it as much as I can over the festive season!

I came across this blog post on Wednesday and I agree with every single word.
I hate the R word and always have; I have called people on it when
I've heard them using it and so, unbeknown to me,
I have already taken the pledge.

This made me angry this week.
This made me sad.

Today is Friday the 13th, but I don't actually believe unlucky things happen to people today -
I think if they happen, they were gonna happen anyway and the date has nothing to do with it!
How the hell is it the 13th of December already?! Seriously, where is this month going?
I feel like I've got so much still to do to be ready for Christmas. I know all it will take is a conscious
effort to plough through wrapping my presents and writing some more cards and I'll feel better about
the impending festivities, but at the moment, I'm starting to secretly (not so much any more because
I've just told you) panic that I won't be ready by December 24th - I'll keep you posted!

Last week I went on a rant about online spoilers after watching the mid-season finally of Supernatural.
Well, Arrow had its mid-season finale this week and it was AWESOME!! This show seriously just keeps
getting better and better - it actually worries me slightly because I have heard that the writers/creators have
a five-year plan but surely the show cannot maintain this momentum - it'll have to slow down at some point, and then it might lose viewers and we all know viewer numbers keep shows on the air - I really do not want Arrow to get cancelled before the whole story has been told. What I'm getting at is that you, yes you, have almost four weeks to catch up on season one (23 episodes) and season two (nine eps so far) so do it!
I promise, you will not regret it, especially as you'll get to oggle hotties like this each week...
hubba hubba

Have a great weekend!
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