Friday, 6 December 2013

Word Vomit Friday

Happy Friday blogland!

I don't actually have anything specific for you today. I'm pretty sure I had planned to bring you
another delicious recipe but I've been lazy when it comes to cooking lately and I haven't made 
anything new since the Mushroom and Potato Curry I mentioned here, and then I didn't take 
photos whilst making it - I was too hungry!

So today I thought I would just word vomit at you; I hope that's ok.

So Nelson Mandela passed away last night - it really brings out the idiotic in people 
when someone 'famous' dies eh?! My Facebook and Twitter feeds were pretty ok, everyone I 
know/follow seemed clued up on who the guy was - props to you all. However, when I clicked
on the 'trend' (who even came up with that term?!)  'RIP Nelson Mandela' I came across this...
I. Am. Speechless! 
If you don't know why I am speechless, firstly, you should be ashamed, secondly, click here!

I'm off to London this weekend to visit Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland 
and I am beyond excited! *cue my giant five-year-old smile!*

I'm almost done with my Christmas gift shopping and those presents I have left to buy, 
I am hoping to buy this weekend - then comes the laborious task of wrapping them all up! 
At least I can use my handmade home-made tags :)

Lastly, I am heartbroken thanks to my beloved Supernatural's mid-season finale
which aired on Tuesday night (in America). However, I won't bore you with the details but I will say that
it really bugs me when I see people on social media moaning about spoilers for a show. I never go onto
any of my social media accounts - ok, so maybe Instagram, but that's safe, right?! - until I have seen the latest
episode of a show I really care about, because I just know there will be spoilers online. Some shows 
I watch, I'm not bothered about spoilers, usually because I'm so far behind, but there are three or four 
TV shows that I avoid spoilers for at all costs. Now to me, it's perfectly plausible to avoid social media,
namely Twitter, for a day until I have caught up - why is this not the case for everyone? Are we 
that addicted to social media that we cannot go one day without it? I'm lucky that I can watch 
TV shows in my lunch hour at work, but I know some people aren't so fortunate, but, if I were in 
that same position, I would watch said show as soon as I got home from work, and then enjoy the
fallout/emotions/feels on Twitter/Facebook once I'd seen it. At the same time, I don't agree with people
 'live-tweeting' a show (unless they're the star/s of the show, cuz that shit is entertaining) because 
that puts the spoilers out there unnecessarily!I read an article the other day which described spoilers 
as 'hearing the punch line of a joke without the build up' and I totally agree with that, but at a certain
point, shouldn't we take some control over our own actions (i.e. checking social media) and stop berating
others for being passionate about something. 
Long rant short, more people need to stop moaning about online spoilers 
and simply limit their social media use!

Well, that went somewhere I didn't expect, 
but I guess that's what happens when you just sit down and type!

Have a great weekend!
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I quite enjoyed this Word Vomit Friday - I think it might become a thing!

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