Monday, 2 December 2013

Weekend recap

Happy Monday! 
How was your weekend?

My weekend started on Friday night for the monthly 'Hot Pants Friday' (a name we gave to an outing
of work and ex-work girlies; we don't actually wear hot pants, although I'm sure we would if Sarah
had her way!) - I wore my new Christmas winter jumper :)

Saturday I headed to the East Midlands Designer Outlet with my bestie to do a spot of Christmas shopping.
Obviously, I can't show you the gifts I bought but I did treat myself to a new handbag :)
I am in love!

It was great to wander round the centre as it was all decked up for Christmas...

As well as a gorgeous new handbag, I also treated myself to a 'honeycomb and cream' hot chocolate
from Costa. I only ordered a small and I instantly regretted it because it was delicious!

Just for kicks, I wanna show you a photo of the car boot as we loaded the car to go home...
There are eight shopping bags in this boot; only two of them are mine! My bestie can shop!

On Sunday my mum and dad came over to our house for a Sunday roast. I have to confess to being
a bad blogger here because I only remembered to take a photo afterwards, before doing the 
washing up. As you can see, it was carnage...
Despite the mess, it was a successful dinner; Hubby has leftovers for his lunch today.

After dinner, mum and I headed out for a walk with Izzy (prepare for more dSLR practice photos)...

Sunday was also the day for decorating the house ready for Christmas. Because we're having
a real tree this year, we're getting that in a couple of weeks, but I put all the other decorations up.
As you can see, it's looking very festive in my house right now and I love it!

Here's hoping you have a great week!
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