Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013...

What a year it has been!

2013, you were pretty good to me, allowing me to do some great things
during your 12 months, a few of which I'm gonna share with you now
in a shameless attempt to get more hits on some of my favourite posts...

my resolution to take one photo every day for all 366 days of 2012.

and we had an awesome time.

We made pancakes on Pancake Day.

I signed up to do the A to Z Blog Challenge.

compared to 2012.

I ended the month by announcing my theme for the A to Z Blog Challenge.

I did it - I completed the A to Z Blog Challenge and 
welcomed a bunch of new followers to my little corner of blog-land!

My blog got a little makeover.

I introduced the monthly 'Laura Cooks' series.

I spent the weekend as a Supernatural geek...

I blogged about my top pet peeves.

We paid a wet visit to Drayton Manor.

Hubby and I got our geek on at Harry Potter World.

We got our groove on 'cross the Mersey.

We visited the 100 Aker Wood and I regressed to the age of five.

I blogged about MY choice to not eat meat.

I begged the world my readers
to put down their cameras and enjoy life.

with my real-life buddy, Mandeep.

We commemorated three years of wedded bliss!

I crafted this autumn garland.

I celebrated my 29th birthday...
...and shared a few words of wisdom.

We ended the month with a great Halloween.

I had a rant about over sharing online.

I finally bought a dSLR!

I got all sentimental
and shared with you the five things I can't live without.

I told you more about what I'd learned about life,
but this time from watching Supernatural and Dawson's Creek.

By the end of the month, I was feeling very festive,
so I showed you how to make my 2013 Christmas tags,
as well as playing you my all-time festive playlist.

I put the trimmings up around the house,
which included our first ever real Christmas tree.

We had a fun and festive weekend in London.

I introduced my weekly Word Vomit Friday,
which I plan to continue into 2014!

And we finished the year with a fantastic Christmas.

As you can see, 2013 was a pretty good year.
There were a few lows and some unforgettable highs, both providing memories that I will
carry with me for a lifetime - some cherished, some not so much! But, as we enter another
new year, I'm grateful to be where I am, with people who truly care for me.

Bring it 2014 - I'm ready for you!
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