Monday, 16 December 2013

Deck the halls...

Happy Monday, guys!

I hope you're well and are counting down the days until Christmas with me - just 9 sleeps to go!

Hubby and I usually have a fake tree, but at Christmas 2011 my fake tree broke - by Christmas Day
I only had half a tree left. I bought a new one last year but it was rubbish! I was not impressed
 (my mum actually bought the same one and hated hers too) - it wasn't very bushy or Christmasy at all.
So for Christmas 2013, we've decided to buy a REAL tree for the first time!

We got it last Wednesday and you have no idea how hard it was to not decorate it
as soon as we got it home, but I was a good patient girl and I waited for the tree to
settle into its new home before decorating it on Thursday evening, whilst Hubby
was partying the night away at his London work's Christmas do!
What do you think?
It was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be to decorate her (yes, she is a she!). I have
only ever decorated fake trees and you can move the branches on those. So I ended up getting frustrated
and walking away from the tree twice - the theory was that fresh eyes would help me solve whatever
my subconscious thought the problem was - it kinda worked because I added some mini crackers here
and there on Saturday afternoon; it's only a small thing but it's made me much happier with the tree.

Some of my favourite decorations #treetour
The tree now completes the whole festive feel of my house...

Roll on December 25th - I'm almost ready for you!
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  1. Loving the decorations! So festive, ho ho ho! x