Thursday, 12 December 2013

A-Z of Me!

Late last week, my university buddy, Rachael over at L-Plate Mummy tagged/nominated me in her
A-Z meme post, which means I am contracted have to share with you even more about my life :)

Whilst you can find out more about me by looking back at my blog archive for April when I took part
in the A to Z Blog Challenge (I was a true narcissist and wrote about things that related to me), I figured I'd
try to share with you some unexpected and unusual facts about myself, so here it goes...

I'd love to travel to America one day, namely LA, New York, New Orleans, 
San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas. 

Hubby and I have visited the Spanish city of Barcelona twice already 
but we're planning to visit again in summer 2014 - we really do love that city!

I know I'm amongst the minority but I really do hate everything about coffee
including the smell!

It took me two years and three months and hundreds of pounds to pass my driving test 
but these days I hate driving. I can drive and do drive but I hate how many idiots there are on the roads!

I know most people love Winnie or Tigger but my absolute all-time favourite character
from the Winnie the Pooh stories is Eeyore.

I have flat feet.

As well as Maths, I am actually terrible at Geography - I know where a few countries/continents are 
but just don't ask me any geography-related questions!

I am afraid of heights - a friend has offered to help me conquer my phobia 
with a spot of therapy though, so hopefully I won't be afraid forever!

I don't have an iPod, so I got an iPhone - I still haven't updated to the latest software though :(

I studied Journalism at university and now work as a Features Writer.

As well as having to have a hug a day from Hubby, I have to have a handful of kisses each day too!
We always kiss (just a peck, we're not fans of over-excited PDAs) whenever we say bye to one
another or when we see each other again after being separated, like when we're at work. That
might sound like the normal thing to do to most of you but I know people who don't do it,
so it's something I aim to keep doing for the duration of our marriage!

I have lived in the city of Leicester (and its suburbs) all my life.

My maiden name began with this letter but I'm not telling you what it was.

I went to university in Northampton.

As well as being the month in which autumn (my favourite season) is in full swing, 
October is also my birth month!

Most mornings for my breakfast, I eat peanut butter on toast.

I wish Quidditch was a real sport! This doesn't count!

I love to cook, so I also regularly post recipes on this blog 
- just search 'Laura Cooks' in the search bar to find them.

This is a bit of a confession; I have never watched, all the way through, all any of the six Star Wars films.

To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee is my favourite book!
I would love to name my daughter (no, I'm not pregnant) Harper, but... Harper Hyde, I don't think so!

I guess I actually believe many of the urban myths and legends that everyone knows -
as the old saying goes 'there's no smoke without fire' so they must have
happened, in one way or another, at some point, right?!

I hate vomiting, I would rather be ill for a longer period of time than vomit - yuk!

I have no idea why, but my dad calls me Whizz.

Urm... I like Xploring new and old places.
Ok, so I cheated but did you know that there are only 12 X-words in the dictionary?!

I really, really wish more people knew the difference between Your and You're.

Although I am rubbish at anything, and everything, to do with science, I love the word zygote.

Now that you know me a little better, I'm tagging Taylor at The Daily Tay and Bonnie over at Life of Bon
(surely this will save these gorgeous daily bloggers thinking of an idea on a day of their choice),
as well as my Leicester lass Sally at Breaking Cover. No worries if you ladies can't do this,
but I couldn't think of anyone better to tag/nominate - good luck!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Word Vomit Friday, something I enjoyed so much last week
that it is officially going to become a weekly 'thing' around these parts!
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    1. In that case, I tag you too missy! x

  2. Thanks for doing it! I know what you're maiden name was! Totally with you on Q and Y :) x