Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween 2013

Did you have a frightful Halloween?

Hubby and I did.

Our Halloween started on Tuesday when we did a spot of pumpkin carving...

Then on All Hallows Eve itself, we settled into watch two of our favourite Halloween movies...

Yep, Hocus Pocus and Scary Movie - oldies but goodies!

My mind was blown twice during the night though, firstly when watching Hocus Pocus...
Thackery Binx is McGee from NCIS!!!!

And then again whilst watching Scary Movie...
The Sheriff is Zachariah from my beloved Supernatural!!!

I know Kurt Fuller is in loads of films/tv shows so that was less of a *whoa* moment,
but THACKERY BINX IS MCGEE - I'm still in shock, 17 hours later!!!

During the night, we only had two groups of trick or treaters (although one group consisted
of about 10 pre-teenagers) so by bedtime I was feeling sick due to the amount of
chocolate and sweets I'd eaten :( (I'll be working those off in the gym on Saturday!)

Oh and I have to share this with you; how amazing does Leighton look?!
He dressed up for nursery and I hear some of the other children where actually scared of him!
(photo courtesy of my younger sister-in-law)

How did you spend All Hallows Eve 2013?
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