Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas crafts corner

I love beautifully wrapped gifts. I love it when the gift giver has put as much thought,
and possibly time, into wrapping the gift they're giving as they have into

 picking out the gift inside. 

Last Christmas I made these gift tags (with a little help from the lovely Lucy):
Suffice to say, my friends and family loved them.

This year, I wanted to do something equally as beautiful but a little different.
I turned to Pinterest (in mid-August I might add) for inspiration and came across these gems:
[1] [2] [3] [4]

So, with exactly a month to go until Christmas Day (whoo hoo!),
now is the time to share with you my handmade gift tags for 2013...
You will need: some pretty Christmas paper, ribbon/string, luggage/parcel tags (two sizes) and scissors.

Tag 1
Draw around the smaller tag and cut out
Punch a hole in your tag for the ribbon/string.
Place your smaller tag on top of a larger tag and 
thread the ribbon/string through the holes.
Write a festive message and...

Tag 2
Draw or download a festive template (I used a Christmas tree and a snow flake)
and copy it onto your paper.
Cut it out then stick it to your tag...

Again, add a festive message...

Above, in the bottom two tags, I used square foam pads to stick the tree and
festive ribbon to the tag, to make them stick out from the tag...


In total, I've made 12 tags but I'm pretty sure I could have made more. It was a really enjoyable craft
to get stuck into. I can't wait to wrap my gifts this year; keep your eyes pealed on my Instagram
to see examples of my wrapped gifts (once I've actually started wrapping), featuring my handmade gift tags!
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