Thursday, 3 October 2013

The things I love about... October

^^ I made a thing again :)
There are a whole host of reasons that I love the month of October, most of which have to do with the fact that autumn is finally in full swing (and we all know that this is my favourite season). I can now drink hot chocolate on a cold evening, wear large jumpers to work, run through piles of fallen leaves and read in my conservatory whilst it's raining, as well as enjoy tea and toast at any time of day and marvel at the smell in the air (autumn really does have its own smell) - I can't wait!

This rare hot summer has made me really appreciate the autumn/winter months - something I never thought
would happen! This summer has helped me realise that I'm really not keen on hot weather - give me a
jumper and cold weather any day. You can wrap up warmer in cold weather, you can turn the heating on,
sip a hot drink, sit by the fire - there are so many things you can do to get warmer, but there's just
nothing you can do if you're too hot other than ripping off your skin! I'm so glad autumn is a rolling in.

As well as the arrival of all my favourite things about autumn
and the return of Supernatural to the CW (Tuesday 8th Oct at 9pm),
this month it's also my birthday, so I really do love October :)

What are you looking forward to this month?
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