Tuesday, 1 October 2013

SPC: Review

So, another challenge is over!

I stumbled across this challenge on Pinterest at the start of the summer 
and I knew it'd be something I would really enjoy. 

I certainly did enjoy it.

I love taking photos, as I'm sure most of you know, so it was great to sink my teeth into something again,
eight months after my 'photo of the day' challenge ended.

I have to confess, the majority of the days/categories were pretty easy to do, thanks to 
my usual level of excessive organisation (I had posts scheduled as early as late July), but 
there were a few days I struggled with, namely location, wellness and whimsical, 
but I think it was a great challenge. 

Thanks for sticking with me this month and, as usual, HUGE thanks for the comments.
I promise I will be returning to my regular scheduled blogging from today.
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